Positive And Negative Effects Of Educational Information From Television

Positive And Negative Effects Of Educational Information From Television

Author : Imam Suryadi

Education or Distortion? Reviewing the Impact of TV Programmes on Teenagers’ Learning Processes

Everybody knows that TV has a huge influence on us as modern humans. So, apart from entertainment, TV programmes are also used to tell us many things, including those topics related to education. But, there are two sides to this, the positive and negative sides. So, discuss it further!

 The positive influence of educational information from TV:

  1. Attracting Interest in Learning: According to Dedeh Fardiah, TV programmes have an appeal to us, thus, they can make you learn while enjoying yourself. TV shows can be enjoyed anywhere on the planet, so people’s interest in learning can grow from all kinds of backgrounds.
  2. A supplementary education tool: TV can be a friend to accompany our formal learning. You don’t just hear sounds but also see moving images. So, the educational information presented through TV is easier to digest.
  3. Broaden your horizons: Do you know TV can take you around the world without leaving your room? The educational information presented is not only from one place but from various parts of the world. You can get a very broad insight, and not just get trapped in one perspective.

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Negative Influence of Educational Information from TV:

  1. Less Study Time: Here’s the downside. Not all TV programmes are educational, many are just for entertainment. This can make us spend more time in front of the TV and less time studying.
  2. It makes you passive: TV is a one-way communication because information is only from TV to us. We cannot interact back so it will make us passive by just watching and listening. If there is something we need help understanding, we can’t ask directly.
  3. Many TV Shows Not Suitable for Students: Some TV programmes can be unsuitable for students because they present violence, harsh words, and so on. This can harm our mental development and behaviour. Some say that about 20 per cent of children’s crimes might be inspired by what they have watched on TV.

The point of those are we have to be smart in choosing the TV shows we watch. Don’t watch too many shows that aren’t useful. Stay wise, right!

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