Who Likes to Talk to Himself? It’s beneficial, indeed

Who Likes to Talk to Himself? It’s beneficial, indeed


S1 Alma Ata MI Teacher Education – How do you respond if there are people who like to talk to themselves? Surely you would consider it strange and “unhealthy” right? In these circumstances people will usually interact in front of the mirror as if they are talking to someone else. But don’t get me wrong, the habit of talking to yourself has a good effect on yourself. It depends on what you are talking about, whether it is positive or negative. If what is discussed contains the positive side, it will not only have a good effect on his mind and mood, but also build enthusiasm. If talking about negative things, it will worsen the state of mind and mood.

The habit of talking to yourself also has an influence on mental health such as stress levels, memory power, and others. Sometimes there are people who cannot open up and convey their thoughts to their closest circle. There are also people who don’t really like to share their thoughts that lead to personal matters, so they prefer to talk to themselves or talk through their thoughts. By doing so our minds become relieved because it has been conveyed and will make us more focused. Not only by talking to yourself in front of the mirror but also by speaking through your mind, you can also express yourself with a loud voice. For example, when working in front of the screen while listening to music, we can sing in a loud voice. The good effect of doing such expression is that the focus is more controllable because the behaviour, memory, and plan will run efficiently. Another good effect is that it can help control the mind as one’s point of view becomes more critical.

Talking to yourself, talking through your thoughts, or singing out loud will reduce the emotional level while working. The atmosphere will also not look tense as if it is forcing us to continue working all day. It’s good to make the room and atmosphere as comfortable as possible. It is also like an athlete talking to himself before or after a match, “I can do it!”, “I must be excited!”. This form of expression is not only applicable when under pressure at work, but also during difficult times, even when feeling weak. Usually, people who make these expressions tend to have extraordinary brainpower. Are you one of them?


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