The Value of the Counselling Teacher’s Role in Primary Schools

The Value of the Counselling Teacher’s Role in Primary Schools

PGSD of Alma Ata – A supervisor and counselling teacher (BK teacher) is an educator whose tasks are helping students overcome problems that they find inside or outside the school area. Guidance and counselling teachers are responsible for helping students realise their strengths, what hinders them, and what they hope for.

Guidance and counselling (BK) are two terms that are often used as a compound word. This implies that guidance activities are sometimes followed by counselling activities. Some experts report that counselling is the core of guidance activities. Many formulations regarding the interpretation of guidance and counselling can be found in various literature. It looks better to interpret each word as presented below.

Guidance Interpretation

The term guidance and counselling as used in professional literature in Indonesia, is a translation of the English word. In the English dictionary guidance is associated with the original word guide which means showing a path/way, leading, conducting, giving instructions, regulating, governing, and distributing advice.

Counselling Interpretation

Etymologically, the term counselling comes from the Latin word conselium, which means with or together, coupled with receiving or mastering. There is also in the Anglo-Saxon language that calls counselling as sellanyang which means to give up or deliver.

The Role of Tutorial Counselling (BK) Teacher 

According to its meaning, role can be translated as something that takes an important function in the formation of a matter or event. Peranan (role) means under position which is added with the suffix -an. Position in this case means a set of levels that are expected to be possessed by people who are important in society. Conversely, a role is part of the main task that must be carried out.

On the other hand, guidance teachers or counsellors in schools must have a good character or noble character to support the success in carrying out various tasks and activities related to tutorials and counselling in schools or madrasas.

The role of the counselling teacher in giving guidance is described in the following descriptions:

  • Make a note of what prevents the student participant from learning.
  • The counselling teacher must find out the beliefs of the person concerned.
  • The counselling teacher is obliged to share the problems faced by the student, especially difficulties at school.
  • The counselling teacher should lead and provide positive problem-solving suggestions.
  • The counselling teacher provides the necessary guidance so that students can carry out various activities or endeavours following their abilities and problems.


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