7 Easy Methods To Learn Maths, It’s Not That Hard!

7 Easy Methods To Learn Maths, It’s Not That Hard!

Mathematics Study Programme of Alma Ata – Maths is often a particular fear for students. Are you one of them? Meanwhile, without realising it, we always practice maths in our daily lives, like counting change after shopping, calculating the quota needed to play online games, and many more. Learning maths also trains the brain to think logically and also trains our accuracy and precision.

So, how to learn maths without getting overwhelmed? Well, at this time goKampus will tell you some easy methods of learning maths so that you can increase your motivation to learn maths! Let’s follow the article!

  1. Change your mindset that maths is not complicated

Throw away the thought that maths is hard. It means that you need to change your mindset and convince yourself that maths is not complicated and that you can understand it. Positive suggestions can definitely make you feel more motivated and not give up easily when you create a difficult module. Remember! Maths is necessary for everyday life, so we need to learn it badly.

  1. Find or make the learning atmosphere fun

A comfortable space for study can certainly improve concentration for learning maths. You can try different atmospheres for learning such as coffee shops, bibliotheques, coworking spaces, or even outdoors. If it is not possible to go outside, you can make your room or desk as neat and comfortable as possible which makes studying more enjoyable.

  1. Make neat formula notes

Try making neat formula notes in your favourite notebook. Some studies report that note-taking can train memory because there is a process of digesting the received module into notes in our style. Not only that, your learning process is certainly more efficient because you don’t need to go back and forth to the module novel park just to find one line of formula. To make it more attractive and eye-catching, you can use colourful highlighters, stickers or photos, as well as interesting fonts for headlines.

  1. Understand the formula, not memorise the formula

Many people find it difficult to do maths because what they are trying to do is memorising formulas, not mastering formulas. Memorising formulas can only last for a short time because there is a possibility that you will not remember the formula for a long time. Trying to master the formula will train your brain to think and recognise how the formula is obtained, so that you always understand and can find solutions if the type of question is modified. By mastering the formula, of course, you will also memorise the formula at the same time.

  1. Find the trick to solve problems

Generally, math is a subject that discourages you because of its complicated and lengthy calculation process. On the other hand, there are secretly easy methods to learn maths by recognising the tricks for quick calculations. By learning tricks, you can practice to make the calculation process easier. There are many types of tricks you can try, such as calculating multiplication or division by hand or tables, and even calculating permutations. You can learn many quick maths tricks from your maths teacher at school or through the internet!

  1. Do the practice regularly

Memorising the module alone is not enough to make you ready to solve maths problems. You also need to practice on sample maths problems in an orderly manner, starting from very easy problems to environmental ones. Solving maths problems repeatedly can make you practice breaking down various alterations of problems with a particular formula. You will also find out how far your description overwrites the module being studied. By practising often and solving many maths problems, you will be better prepared to do maths tests that are usually unpredictable.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or friends

If you’re facing a tricky problem, don’t go through it alone, otherwise you’ll stress yourself out. Asking a teacher or having dialogue with a friend can always be a solution when encountering such problems which make you get stuck. Who knows, you can get suggestions or new methods to unravel problems that you didn’t know before.

Remember, before trying these tricks, it’s important to start learning maths with passion. These easy methods of learning maths can be implemented from now while you build your curiosity and love for maths!


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