HIMATIKA Digital Math Expo 2024

HIMATIKA Digital Math Expo 2024

Mathematics Education Study Program, Alma Ata University – In order to promote the results of MSIB products of UAA mathematics education study program students, Himatika held “HIMATIKA DIGITAL MATH EXPO 2024” which was held on Saturday, March 09, 2024 at one of the best universities in Jogja, namely Alma Ata University. This activity aims to promote and show the work of students who have participated in MSIB activities for one semester. This activity was packaged in the form of a talk show with presenters Anggi Erna Aryani and Adelia Sofia Anjani, attended by all students of the mathematics education program at Alma Ata University.

Rino Richardo, S.Pd. M.Pd as the Head of Mathematics Education Study Program in his speech, fully supports innovations from PMAT study program students in digital form which are certainly very much needed by the world of education today. Interactive educational digital products will be a vehicle for creating fun and enjoyable math learning. PMAT Study Program also appreciates the role of HIMATIKA which has held this activity, with the hope that this activity can become a routine agenda and can be even bigger.

The material presented in the talk show included the development of interactive learning media “Teras” based on android with the help of construct 2 software and the development of Android-based Geo Voyager learning media. The participants seemed very enthusiastic in participating in the activity, this can be seen from the number of participants who attended and the number of questions submitted.


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