Lin Sururoh, UAA delegate at “SOUTH EAST ASIA-AUSTRALIA YOUTH LEADERS WEEK 2021” from PMAT study programme

Lin Sururoh, UAA delegate at “SOUTH EAST ASIA-AUSTRALIA YOUTH LEADERS WEEK 2021” from PMAT study programme


Mathematics Study Programme of Alma Ata  – Lin Sururoh, a mathematics education student at Alma Ata University, is no stranger to the achievements she has made at the national level. In the previous year, she participated in the SAPA PAPUA-RAJA AMPAT Expedition Programme and this year she managed to qualify as one of the Indonesian delegates in the “SOUTH EAST ASIA-AUSTRALIA YOUTH LEADERS WEEK 2021” which was held for 14 days from 23 August to 4 September 2021. This activity is carried out online via Zoom meeting considering that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing.

During the 14 days, Lin Sururoh will join an international online conference and youth exchange around the world to enhance global skills in leadership, negotiation, and comprehensive education in one session. The programme aims to equip young people with the skills-knowledge needed to become global leaders who are aware of global issues and prepare the younger generation with good quality education by learning from various World Class Universities in Malaysia (University Putra Malaysia, TOP 4th Best University in ASEAN), Singapore (NUS Singapore, TOP 1 Best University in ASIA) and Australia (Deakin Business School Australia, TOP 10 Best University in Australia).

This programme is an official programme organised by Studec Academy (under Studec International) in collaboration with ASEAN Youth Academy as a leadership facilitator and Universities around the world as education facilitators. For Ms Lin Sururoh, Congratulations to you, hopefully, you will get useful knowledge. Greetings Students.


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