15 Ways to Study Effectively According to Psychology

15 Ways to Study Effectively According to Psychology

Every individual has the ability to learn naturally. Since birth, many things are learnt, from drinking breast milk, walking, talking, to other activities. As children grow older, learning activities are also enhanced by formal education in schools.

The way of learning has a relationship with the achievement of each individual. And, here are 15 effective ways to learn according to psychology experts that you can apply.

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1. Making Learning a Necessity

Necessities are things that must be met in order to survive in life. When learning is made a necessity, then we will be able to be more serious in doing it. Some individuals make learning a burden or pressure in life. Learning will no longer be a pressure or problem if we apply learning as a necessity, learning can be done with a sense of comfort. And the results will be easy to remember.

2. Study in a Quiet Place

Study in a comfortable and quiet place. It can affect one’s condition in studying. Therefore, make your study room at home as comfortable as possible. Change the position and appearance of the room every time you feel bored or change the room layout to provide a new atmosphere. You can also find a different atmosphere by studying in cafes, libraries, parks, and other places. Make sure you find a place which is quiet enough so you can study comfortably and stay focused.

The Importance of Psychologists in Learning?

Educational psychology has an impact and is very useful in education. Psychology also helps teachers understand the characteristics of their students so that teachers will be easier in the teaching process. Let’s go on!

3. Setting Learning Targets

Having a target time to master the subject matter will make you feel challenged and excited. So make a schedule and organise your study time well. Reward yourself by buying your favourite things. By getting a reward, there will be a sense of satisfaction in yourself so that you will be more motivated to conquer the target in learning.

4. Repeating the material

After studying, try to repeat the material. And re-explain the material you have learned in your own language to yourself and others. Psychology experts believe that repeating in learning material is one of the effective ways of learning to remember the material that has been learned. When explaining again, even though some things are missed, that is your benchmark so you need to repeat studying the section again.

Is it necessary to take tests during learning 

5. Create Practice Questions

Before you get to the actual exam, you can practice answering the exam questions independently. This can help you to do the exam in a mentally prepared state. Actually, this way is one of the tricks for you and can prevent boredom in reading the material. In this way, you can also find out where your mistakes are.

6. Give Pause When Studying

When you are about to face an exam, you will definitely read a lot of material that must be studied. But don’t push yourself too hard because it’s not effective. You need to rest the brain so that it can return fresh. Therefore, it is necessary to give a pause when memorising the studying material.

7. Critical

Critical here means that once you understand what you have learnt, try to train your brain to be more critical of all the material. Being active in finding out and analysing the truth of the material that has been learned can make you remember better and more easily. Of course, not only that, with the presence of further information, your perspective will be more broadened.

What can be utilised in the environment for learning?

8. Make use of music

As we all know, music has long been proven to help improve one’s concentration. But not all music can help you when studying, for example, music with lyrics can make your mind distracted. It would be better, to listen to classical music so that the mind can become more focused on learning the material.

9. Read the material before bed in a concise manner

Because sleep is one of the effective ways to help in remembering, therefore, re-reading the summary of the material before going to bed is highly recommended. But don’t forget to get enough hours of sleep so that you wake up refreshed.

10. Discussion

Most people will prefer learning alone, but some others prefer a group learning style. If you are the second type of person, then find a friend to discuss with. From the discussion, you will get a lot of things that you may not encounter when studying independently.

Stay focused on learning

11. Ask

Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand something or get stuck in learning. We learn because we don’t know about the knowledge. So, shyness to ask when we don’t know should not be a habit because it is not a sign of being stupid at all.

12. Keep trying even if you fail

Failure is part of learning. So it can be considered an effective way of learning as from it we know our mistakes and correct them. From failure, we can remember our mistakes and make us learn to be better again.

If you experience failure, try to go back and use other ways of working so you can find out what you want. Those are some of the ways you can learn to get better.

13. Make use of available facilities

Currently, there are also many facilities for learning such as textbooks or school books which usually come with a set of question tests. Moreover, we can learn through the Internet such as from YouTube and TV which provides educational shows. Use all the facilities you have to support the learning process. Often the subject matters on the internet, television, or educational shows are presented as interesting, simple, and efficient as possible so that audiences are more interested and easy to understand.

14. Conclude 

In learning, you may need to take some time to conclude the material being learnt. This will show what the output of our learning activities is and we can read these conclusions repeatedly to make the knowledge more embedded in our brains.

What’s one more thing you need to do before studying?

15. Pray

Praying is a complement to our efforts in making knowledge that we learn blessed and useful. Therefore, learning and praying is a compulsory combination that is indeed wajib for religious people.

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