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MI Teacher Education of Alma Ata – Parenting Education or Parent Education, is a method for parents in building children’s character to improve the quality of parenting and achieve the vision and mission. Usually, Parenting Education is held as a programme conducted by an institution. The main purpose of Parenting Education is to provide insight and knowledge for parents in parenting by considering parents’ ages, characters, and development. However, do remember that this kind of education is not just for parents. Parenting Education is also very important for educators, teachers, and students, especially Education Students such as PG-PAUD Students, PGMI Students, and PGSD Students.

Although the key to character building and child education is in the family, educators or teachers become the second line who help children’s character building. Thus it is very necessary to equip yourself with decent knowledge to be a parent. This is because the role of teachers in schools is not only as educators but also as parents for their students. This includes graduates of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teacher Education or Elementary Teacher Education who will later become teachers and get involved directly in the world of elementary education.

All forms of children’s or students’ character that grow from the family will be brought to the formal education level (SD and MI), both good and bad. Teachers at school, as second parents to students, must be able to nurture them properly. Good attitudes must continue to be cultivated into good character, while bad traits must be educated and guided so that students grow good character. Whether at an early age or primary school age, children are great imitators. In this case, it is very easy for them to do what they hear, what they see, what they feel. It’s very easy for them to imitate.

As students who will become educators or teachers, PGMI students must be more careful in their behaviour and speech. This is very important to be accustomed to starting from now on so that later it is easy to adapt to the world of children’s education. This will also be very useful in the internship or PPL program in which students will be initiated to teach or deal directly with students while they are still students. Usually, during education in higher education, especially for the PGMI or PGSD Study Programme, a ‘Parenting’ seminar or the like is held. This is a supporting activity for students’ understanding of the importance of parenting apart from the course, which is described or delivered by the expert. Parenting is the process of building the parents’ mindset (teachers, parents, or prospective teachers) to build their children’s character. Therefore, the way of thinking or mindset of students needs to be controlled from now on. 

Being a student in PGMI who is a future educator or teacher, the understanding of children’s development is in your control. Students should be fully aware of the importance of parenting and how to implement it well. Encouraging children and fostering a conscious character in them is an important task and it will certainly be a great achievement for you. 


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