Alma Ata Mathematics Education Study Programme – Maths. Yes, something that is always related to numbers, but not for some people. Who doesn’t know Jerome Polin? A YouTuber who is good at maths and implements maths in his life. According to Jerome Polin himself, maths is not just about numbers, but the way of thinking of problem-solving character. For those of you who learnt maths from primary to high sch ool, What do you think of maths?

“Maths is hard, boring, complicated, and so on.”

However, never forget that there are many things we can manage. The proof is that you can be one of the Mathematics Education students.

Let’s find out how to learn maths in fun ways. There are several arts of learning maths from the inspiring author that you can try to motivate yourself.

  1. Controlling your mindset. “Maths is easy, cool, fun and so on.” Because something that we think is good will have good results.
  2. Serious intentions. You will fall in love and love maths fully and completely with good intentions, strong determination, and maximum effort. When we love it, we will continue to like it. It’s that good and it’s that addictive.
  3. Recognising maths for real. Yes, maths is abstract, a concept full of symbols, number operations, formulas, and the like. So, recognising maths in a real way will make it easier for us to understand, for example, using objects that are around us. After all, many things use maths in life.
  4. Using various methods and media. Technology is getting more sophisticated and faster, providing services that can make learning maths easier. One of them uses digital games and four apps, which include ST Math, Moster Math, Khan Academy Kids, and Splash Math. Designed to introduce basic numeracy and this is usually free of charge.
  5. Understand precisely. Anything that we understand well is easy to learn. Like learning maths, the key is to have the courage to study hard. Understand slowly but precisely. Because if it’s wrong from the beginning, it will also be wrong.
  6. Recognising our learning character. This may seem trivial, but it is recommended. We must understand how comfortable we are in learning something. Starting from audio to visual and the like. Do not forget to also know that we can concentrate or focus on learning at what time, in what situations and conditions.
  7. Love the teacher and then love maths. It’s a nonsensical art, but it’s very powerful. There are many stories out there about that. Not just in maths, but in various other subjects and things. It’s like if we like or idolise someone, we will unconsciously like things related to them. Sounds easy right?

 From the author comes 7 arts of learning maths, befriending numbers, formulas and friends. It will be fun, right? Learning knowledge that is endless and that is very useful in our lives.

  Love literacy, live to inspire.


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