Faculty Graduates Profile

The graduate profiles expected to be possessed by PGSD graduates from Alma Ata University are:

  1. Prospective PGSD teachers who are mutaqqin
  2. Beginner Researchers who are mutaqqin
  3. Mutaqqin entrepreneurs in the field of education
  4. Mutaqqin Character Builder
  5. Mutaqqin Author
  6. Mutaqqin Leader or Manager

A. Educators (teachers) of Islamic Religious Education subjects at the primary (SD/MI, SMP/MTs) and secondary (SMA/MA/SMK) education levels who have the following abilities:

  1. Able to create and develop learning plans for PAI (Islamic Religious Education) at primary and secondary education levels by taking into account approaches, methods, and learning strategies in accordance with the development of students.
  2. Able to demonstrate primary and secondary level PAI learning in accordance with the plans that have been developed.
  3. Able to develop and implement an evaluation system for primary and secondary PAI learning by using the instruments that have been developed.
  4. Able to utilise the results of learning evaluation for PAI learning development

B. Education Manager who has the following abilities:

  1. Able to manage the educational environment micro and macro by taking into account social norms and theories of scientific and technological development.
  2. Able to communicate effectively within and around the learning environment in accordance with social norms, professional ethics, and Islamic values.

C. Competent education researcher and education consultant:

  1. Able to design and carry out educational research under a supervisory coordinator.
  2. Able to report and disseminate research results under the coordination of a supervisor.
  3. Able to make proposals for the development of students by considering the potential and development of students in accordance with the concept of Islamic education.


Graduates Profile Description
Teacher Candidate Graduates of the Alma Ata University Mathematics Education Study Programme are able to become prospective mathematics teachers both at the secondary education level (SD, SMP / MTs, SMA / MA / SMK, or the equivalent).
Researcher Graduates of the Mathematics Education Study Program of Alma Ata University are able to plan and carry out research in the field of education, especially in the realm of mathematics, and utilise the results of this research to improve the quality of mathematics education.
Entrepreneur Graduates of the Mathematics Education Study Programme of Alma Ata University are able to design and develop mathematics education through business opportunities in the field of mathematics. This can be in the form of developing strategies, methods, and media for learning mathematics as a bridge and means of improving the quality of education in general and mathematics in particular.
Author Graduates of the Mathematics Education Study Programme of Alma Ata University are able to develop their knowledge through writing in the form of articles or books on mathematics, especially learning.
Leader and Manager Graduates of the Mathematics Education Study Programme of Alma Ata University are able to lead and be responsible for the results of independent and group work, able to manage existing resources and able to make the right decisions in solving mathematics education problems.
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