Stage of Education

The education phase of the Mathematics Education study program at Alma Ata University can be taken within 4 years (8 semesters), which is carried out in the following stages.

  1. Theory and Practicum Learning
    Theoretical and practicum learning activities begin to be given to students from semester 1 to semester 7. Exposure to classroom learning practices to students has started as early as possible to prepare students to become professional, independent, and noble educators when they later enter educational institutions / communities.
  2. Field Practice
    Field practice is carried out by students in semester 7. In this learning activity, students will undergo Field Experience Practices (PPL) and Real Work Lectures (KKN) in schools. From this activity, it is expected that student graduates will be able to become professional and “ready-to-use” teachers.
  3. Thesis
    Submission of a thesis proposal can be submitted by students since semester 7. This is expected to prepare students to conduct research and graduate on time (8 semesters).
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