Rasulullah’s Revelation on the Equivalence of Work and Jihad

Rasulullah’s Revelation on the Equivalence of Work and Jihad

Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher TrainingRasulullah’s revelation on the equivalence of work and jihad emphasizes the importance of work in one’s life. Through work, individuals can fulfill their needs and lead a smoother life. Moreover, working with noble intentions, such as providing for one’s family, is considered an act of worship in Islam. It’s important to note that Islam does not prohibit work; rather, it discourages excessive attachment to the material world, known as “hubbud dunya.” This attachment is not solely based on material possessions but also involves matters of the heart that may not be readily apparent externally.

Rasulullah’s teachings highlight the importance of work, as Imam Ghazali’s account in Ihya Ulumuddin (Semarang: Karya Thoha Putra, no year) Jilid 2, page 63, illustrates. In a gathering with his companions, Rasulullah encountered a young man preparing to leave for work. When one of the companions suggested that the young man should engage in jihad fi sabilillah (struggle in the path of Allah) instead, Rasulullah corrected this notion. He emphasized that if a person works to sustain themselves and their dependents, without resorting to seeking assistance from others, then they are indeed walking in the path of Allah.

Rasulullah further elaborated that if someone works to support their parents, family, or descendants, ensuring their needs are met without having to ask for help, then they are also walking in the path of Allah. However, if one works solely to amass wealth and boast, then they are walking in the path of Satan.In essence, Rasulullah’s revelation underscores that work can be an act of worship in the path of Allah, especially when the intention is to build one’s own and their family’s economic well-being. Furthermore, it extends to building communities, organizations, and even nations, reducing dependence on external aid. It’s worth noting that learning is also considered a form of jihad; for instance, there is a program in Islamic education at Alma Ata University.


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