Why Were the Youth of Medina Attracted to Islam When the Prophet Migrated?

Why Were the Youth of Medina Attracted to Islam When the Prophet Migrated?

Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training – The story of Islam in Medina is incredibly fascinating, folks! You can’t ignore the young people of Medina who caused quite a stir. There were Suwaid bin Shamit, Iyas bin Muadz, and Abu Dzar al-Giffari, who eventually decided to embrace Islam. Now, you might wonder, why were the youth of Medina so drawn to Islam? The answer is simple, bro! They became friends with the young people from Yathrib before the Prophet migrated to Medina. And this was no small matter, bro. The Prophet had been establishing intensive communication with these young people almost four years before he moved to Medina. Every pilgrimage season, he was super busy meeting representatives from the tribes of Yathrib to introduce them to Islam.

Sheikh Shafiyurrahman al Mubarakfury in his book “Sirah Nabawiyah,” on page 113, narrates that in the month of Dzulqa’dah of the 10th year of Prophethood, or more precisely in early July 619 AD, the Prophet brought a new strategy. He started offering Islam to various tribes, official delegations, and individuals. The reason was simple: it was the pilgrimage season, bro! There were many pilgrims from outside Mecca who wanted to visit the Kaaba for worship. The Prophet saw this as a great opportunity to expand the Islamic dawah. Especially after the dawah in Mecca received a thumbs up from most of its inhabitants.

Isn’t it exciting, the story of the youth of Medina embracing Islam? Stay tuned for more, guys! Alma Ata University can be a rich source of information and knowledge related to the history, culture, and teachings of Islam.

Continuing the story, guys! The dawah strategy during the pilgrimage season was a huge success! Several people from Medina, also known as Yathrib, were so enthusiastic that they decided to embrace Islam. And the most enthusiastic? The young people, guys! One of them was Suwaid bin Shamit, an exceptionally talented poet. In his tribe, he was nicknamed Al-Kamil because of his impressive skin, lineage, honor, and ancestry.

Mubarakfury notes that Suwaid bravely came to Mecca for Hajj and Umrah. There, he met the Prophet, who was preaching Islam. After hearing the message of Islam directly from the Prophet, Suwaid was immediately captivated and embraced Islam, guys! How could he not be? He was deeply moved by the beauty of the Quran recited by the Prophet. Thus, Suwaid bin Shamit became a loyal companion of the Prophet. He was not only a skilled poet but also one of the first to spread the teachings of Islam in Medina, even before the Prophet migrated.

Then, there’s another companion of the Prophet from Yathrib who also embraced Islam during the pilgrimage season of 620 AD, named Iyas bin Mu’adz. Mubarakfury, on page 119, recounts that Iyas embraced Islam after hearing the teachings directly from the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Isn’t it exciting, the story of two companions who dared to accept Islam amidst the blessed pilgrimage season? Stay tuned for more, guys!

Wow, the story gets even more interesting! So, Iyas bin Mu’adz and his friend, Anas bin Rafi, came to Mecca to seek the help of the Quraysh in the war between the Aus and Khazraj tribes in Medina in 620 AD. When they met the Prophet Muhammad SAW, he immediately engaged them in conversation and recited verses from the Quran.

Iyas bin Mu’adz was truly touched by the teachings of Islam from the Prophet. He felt that Islam was genuinely a good teaching that could bring goodness to humanity. Without hesitation, Iyas bin Mu’adz recited the Shahada and became one of the first people to embrace Islam in Medina! His conversion set an example for other people in Medina.

Then, there’s also Abu Dzar Al-Ghifari, a well-known companion of the Prophet renowned for his asceticism and knowledge. Abu Dzar embraced Islam during the Mecca period, before the Prophet migrated to Medina. The story goes that Abu Dzar was herding goats in the desert when he met Suwaid bin Shamit and Iyas bin Mu’adz. Both of them were companions of the Prophet who had already embraced Islam. Suwaid and Iyas immediately explained Islam to Abu Dzar, who listened attentively. Without delay, Abu Dzar recited the Shahada and became a Muslim. He then returned to his hometown, inviting his family and close relatives to embrace Islam.

Oh, by the way, for those who don’t know, Prophet Muhammad had a really interesting dawah strategy! He invited six young men from the Khazraj tribe who were chatting in Aqabah. The Prophet Muhammad introduced himself as the Prophet sent by Allah to bring the teachings of Islam. Fortunately, the six young men had already heard from their Jewish friends that a Prophet would be sent and they would follow him. After hearing the Prophet Muhammad’s explanation of Islam, the six young men immediately recited the Shahada and promised to spread Islam in Medina. They became the first to embrace Islam there and were known as “As-Sabiqunal Awwalun,” meaning “The First to Embrace Islam.”

Exciting, right? The next story is sure to be just as interesting! Stay tuned! 😄


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