Jerome Polin: The Young Entrepreneur Who Inspired Kakaomath Company

Jerome Polin: The Young Entrepreneur Who Inspired Kakaomath Company

Mathematics Education – Company Profile: Jerome Polin and Menantea Entrepreneurs: Jerome Polin Sijabat: Menantea Company:

In short, Jerome Polin is a young Indonesian entrepreneur, content creator, and influencer. He is best known for his academic achievements in Japan and his educational content on social media, especially those related to math. In addition to achieving success as a YouTuber and influencer, Jerome also started his business by establishing a contemporary tea drink brand Menantea, which received positive feedback from the public.

Jerome Polin’s Background: Jerome Polin was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, on May 2, 1998. He is known as an outstanding student who managed to get a full scholarship to continue his education in Applied Mathematics at Waseda University in Japan. Jerome shares about education, life, and math in Japan on his YouTube channel, Nihongo Mantappu. Jerome, who has millions of followers on various social media platforms, has successfully leveraged his popularity to establish a profitable company.

About Menantea: Jerome Polin founded tea drink brand Menantea in 2021. Menantea targets the younger generation who love contemporary drinks with a variety of tea variants with unique and innovative flavors. Menantea’s focus is not only on quality and taste, but also on the brand’s playful and youth-friendly concept. Even Menantea’s “Integral” and “Matemateaka” variants use mathematical elements in their product names.

Menantea Flagship Product:

Matemateaka is one of the most special menu options and is different from many other modern tea drinks. Its name is MatemaTEAka because it was inspired by Jerome Polin, a student of Applied Mathematics at Waseda University in Japan.
Indeed, Menantea’s menu is named MatemaTEAka. When you combine green tea with fresh cut fruits such as orange, apple, pineapple, passion fruit, and so on, you will enjoy the taste.

Taking Inspiration from Menantea: Kakomath

Company Name: Kakomath Product: Chocolate Made with Math Quiz

Kakomath Background: Alma, Shahnas, and Indriana are young entrepreneurs from UIN Sunan Kalijaga who founded a processed chocolate business. They were inspired by Jerome Polin’s success with Menantea. Kakomath combines chocolate and math, two things that many people love. Each Kakomath chocolate product has a math quiz that encourages customers to think about what they are eating while enjoying their chocolate.

Inspired by Jerome Polin’s success with Menantea, Kakomath successfully combines educational and entertainment elements in its chocolate products. Kakomath has created a unique customer experience through a strong branding strategy, continuous product innovation, and innovative math ideas. This method can teach other businesses how to incorporate educational elements into their products and build an exciting and rewarding business.

For additional information, visit @kakao.math on Instagram.



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